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  • Bio Hydro Derm

    This advanced skin resurfacing treatment uses diamond disc technology to deliver exceptionally smooth, glowing and youthful-looking skin. This unique technology increases your cellar health, maximises hydration and  promotes cell renewal. Customisable to your skin’s individual needs and suitable for any skin type, Bio Hydro Derm skips the mess and irritation that can sometimes accompany conventional crystal microdermabrasion. No downtime required – get back to your day immediately!

    Included in your session:

    • Skin analysis
    • BT moisture analysis
    • Bio Hydro Derm treatment
    • BT Micro product infusion
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  • Colour Services

    Our experienced and fully qualified team are here to help you achieve your dream colour while nourishing your hair and keeping it in great condition. We love working with clients over a period of time to ensure they get the best colour results without compromising hair integrity. We provide full colour treatment details and keep a record of every client to ensure we are working to the best possible plan. We work with the world-reknowned L’Oreal Professional salon products.

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  • Dermalogica Facials

    Through a professional, in-depth skin analysis tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, our expert skin clinicians will show you how to achieve your most glowing, healthy complexion. You’ll also receive a personalised Skin Fitness Plan with product recommendations and samples hand-picked just for you.

    Take your skin on a journey with the ultimate selection of Dermalogica facial treatments:

    Pro Skin Treatment: 30 mins
    Target your top skin concerns fast – ideal for busy, on-the-go Goddesses.

    Pro Skin Treatment: 60 mins
    Target multiple skin concerns in a longer, comprehensive session.

    Face Map Treatments
    Receive personalised treatments based on your skin analysis results – for example, oily skin, dry skin, acne/breakouts and aging/pigmentation.

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  • Eyelash Extensions

    We now have Lash extensions pay & book upfront and save!

    Classic Lash Bundle $177 with 2 X 2 week refills save $88.

    Volume Lash Bundle $197 with 2 x 2 week refills save $108.

    Let your inner Goddess shine through your eyes. Our expert eyelash technicians are highly skilled in the application of semi-permanent lashes. We use high-quality silk lashes, applied individually to each of your natural lashes for a fuller and thicker appearance. Perfect for a special occasion, or for anyone desiring full, thick and natural-looking lashes every day.

    Sessions include a set of hydrating gel eye pads. To maintain the look, refills are recommended every 4-6 weeks.


    • Refills must be booked 2 weeks apart and paid upfront to maximise savings
    • Offer cannot be changed or modified
    • Offer must be paid and purchases upfront.
    • Refills are based on the initial lash appointment

    Note: Please ensure you understand how to maintain your eyelash extensions for long-lasting results. Please check the timeframes it takes to perform lashes and ensure you have allocated yourself enough time as we need to allow the total allocated time to ensure the best results.

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  • Keratin Hair Treatment

    Our solution restores hair to radiant health, shine and silkiness while actively changing the hair shaft so that it remains straighter for longer.

    Keratin is the primary protein of skin, hair and nails, helping to retain smooth texture and elasticity. COCOCHOCO Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment strengthens the hair shaft
    using an intense conditioning remedy that does not contain formaldehyde.

    Benefits include:

    • Protection against structural damage
    • Smoother, healthier hair with each treatment
    • Reduced styling time and easier blow drying

    The process takes between 1.5 to 3 hours (depending on length and thickness of hair), with immediate results. Results last for up to 3 months.

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  • Lash Tinting

    Lash tinting is a service that can take 20-30 minutes depending on the colour you are trying to achieve. They are coloured from root to tip, giving them a more darker, fuller and more enhanced/dramatic appearance.  It is especially beneficial to those who have pale completion tend to have lighter lashes and lower contrast look. Lash tinting can can get rid of the need to apply mascara on a daily basis and for the best results it is suggested to look at maintenance every few weeks.

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  • Special Event Blow Waves, Hair and Make-Up

    Need to step fully into your Goddess for a special event or milestone on your journey? Create a complete look with our expert blow wave, hair and make-up services, all on offer in our holistic, one-stop shop. We specialise in hair and make-up for formals, weddings, birthdays and all special events.

    The cost of all make-up used is redeemable on any product purchase in our store.

    Weekly/bi-weekly blow wave packs are available for purchase to help you maintain your divine mane.

    Terms and Conditions:

    • The beauty of having a blow wave pack is to can be used weekly or fortnightly. Should they not be used weekly or fortnightly we can’t renew your blow wave pack at this offer.
    • Blow wave packs include wash and blow wave
    • Any hair up, curling or straightening irons requires extra time and will incur a surcharge of $35
    • Blow wave packs a strictly for the purchased client only
    • The blow wave pack are 5 standalone services. We don’t offer them to offset any other services.
    • Should you cancel, change or miss an appointment within 24 hours we will mark that as a used blow wave.
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  • Spray Tan

    We use a Naked Tan Application and it is recommended that it be use the Natural solution with 8% DHA for natural looking brides and anyone with fair skin.

    All our solutions are made with a combination of the most natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS sulphates and no alcohol.

    Great for fair skin – Our approach will achieve a tan two shades darker and you will be able to Wash ‘n’ wear in only 2 hours from application.

    Naked Tan is an Australian vegan-friendly sunless tanning company designed to give women the best tanning results in the least amount of time. 

Points to remember prior to booking:

    • Skin must be exfoliated prior to tan for best long lasting results
    • No deodorants or moisturisers on the skin
    • Wear loose clothing

    You can always look your best with Naked Tan and Every 6th Tan is Free!

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  • Style Cuts

    Our team of highly trained and experienced hair stylists are devoted to creating looks that bring out your most radiant and authentic self. Before we begin, we’ll consult with you thoroughly to understand not only what your hair needs, but also what your inner Goddess needs to step out and thrive. We encourage you to bring pictures to help us understand your vision.

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  • Waxing

    Waxing is great way to remove unwanted hair and involves removing the hair from the root.  Compared to shaving your body won’t be susceptible to cuts or irritations which can often be the case with shaving. In addition, it can regrow slower and finer for many people and lasts longer too. Your new hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for around four to six weeks.

    Bi Hydro derms works brilliantly on waxed areas – remove ingrown and black heads on any body part –  keeping you always looking and feeling smooth.

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